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Youth and Beauty Secret Service News, Issue #001 -- No Surgery Infections For You!!
August 05, 2015
How are you? I've got some incredible news for you!

How To Avoid Hospital Infections After Your Surgery

Are you having surgery? Are you recovering from surgery?

Enjoy these Free stay healthy hospital survival tips and be ready for ANY SURGERY, even EMERGENCY SURGERIES

Learn which NATURAL PRODUCTS help support your body in healing and detoxifying anesthesia.

Let's make sure you're prepared.

May I tell you a true story?

On October 12, 2014 my husband and I were in a roll-over car accident. We were out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, headed to the mountains to enjoy the fall colors when a full-sized pick-up truck ran a red light, and hit us at 70 miles per hour.

My husband was driving, and he's very strong, so he is recovering well with Physical Therapy and using his special blend of doTERRA Vitamins, called doTERRA Life Long Vitality Pack. (He has a shoulder repair surgery coming up, and we'll let you know how fast he recovers, and post images of his surgery site so you can see the shoulder recover using healthy supplements to aid his body's healing process).

I suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, internal bleeding and had multiple bruises and some torn discs in my spine, and of course pulled and torn muscles.

The bruise I had on my elbow was ENORMOUS!

My elbow was the size of a softball.

What Happened Next Is AMAZING

Even though my elbow was 5 times it's normal size, it went through all the stages of healing in 14 days, instead of one year.


By using doTERRA's Essential Oil 'Frankincense'!

My daughter arrived to help us the day after our accident. She brought the doTERRA Essential Oils "Every Oil Kit" to the Trauma Unit where I was hospitalized and immediately began gently applying the Frankincense Essential Oil on my HUGE bruised elbow. She applied it twice a day for 5 days, then my husband took over from there.

When I had a follow up appointment the next week, I told the Trauma Clinic Doctor that there was definitely something wrong with my elbow. (What I didn't tell him was that what was left of the lump on my elbow felt like 'jelly' under my skin).

He began to explain that trauma wounds take about a YEAR to heal.

He explained all the stages of healing, and then said,

"At about the 10 month to ONE YEAR mark, your body will begin to dissolve the hardened bruised material in your elbow. The bruised area will then feel like JELLY under your skin..."

I nearly gasped.

I'm NOT a fast healer.

But my body HEALED FAST! I think doing a year's worth of healing in less than 14 days is utterly remarkable, especially for me.

So if you would like, I'm offering my personal hospital stay list to you below.

I'm hoping that any surgery you have will NOT be an EMERGENCY SURGERY. I pray it's not. But if it is, here is what I used that helped speed along my body's natural healing processes. It helped me avoid hospital infections too.

Here's My Secret Regimen For Fantastic Healing Support After Surgery:

1. I take doTERRA Life Long Vitality Pack Vitamins to help support energy, mental clarity and sound sleep.

2. I use doTERRa Frankincense Oil, applied to affected area twice a day, to promote healing and support proper inflammation.

3. Diffuse doTERRA On Guard protective blend, mixed with doTERRA Cinnamon Oil into the air, using the Petal Diffuser in my hospital room, AND taken in a vegetable cap, (2 drops of each), morning and night, to support my inflammation moderation and immune function.

4. Take doTERRA Fennel Oil, 6 drops in a vegetable capsule to help the body maintain normal bowel function while on pain medication.

5. Use doTERRA Deep Blue Rub or Deep Blue Roll On to assist my body with pain control while recovering from Surgery.

6. Apply doTERRA Lavender Oil by rubbing it on my hands then breathing it in for 2-3 minutes to support relaxation and calmness.

7. Use doTERRA On Guard Hand Soap with Foaming hand wash dispenser, for hospital bathroom to keep hands clean and support my immune system while in the hospital environment.

What's The Big Deal About Essential Oils?

All plants have essential oils. These oils are the plant's natural "medicine cabinet", which helps the plants heal, fight off infections, and ward off bugs.

Plants are carbon based. So are we! The essential oils have the ability to support us too, with proper immune system support, tissue healing support and to help assist our bodies in fighting off infectious agents.

I know one thing, I will NEVER be without my essential oils from now on.

So let's get you started! Buy Your Essential Oils Wholesale Here. Here's my shopping list: -doTERRA Life Long Vitality Pack Vitamins -Frankincense Essential Oil -On Guard Essential Oil with Cinnamon Essential Oil -Fennel Oil -Deep Blue Rub OR Deep Blue Roll On -Lavender Oil -On Guard Hand Soap -On Guard Essential Oil

Open your own WHOLESALE account and buy your surgery supplies now. Within the next two to three weeks, my Web Store will be online, and I'll have beautiful Essential Oil Carrying cases and samples available to you, or for you to give as a Surgery Gift to a loved one!

And yes, there are other supplements that make a beautiful difference in a surgery recovery and that can help support our body to stay healthy.

The next newsletter will be full of great beauty and health information and resources for your best surgery preparation and recovery. But for now, please consider getting your own essential oils at the best possible prices and begin feeling fantastic about your recovery today!

Remember, to be safe from infections after surgery, support your body's immune system to recover quickly from your surgical procedure.

Open Your Own Essential Oils Wholesale Account, or buy my surgery supplies that I've shared in this newsletter here If you have any questions, I'll be happy to contact you if you click the Contact Me box! If you'd like a phone call from me, I'll respond within the next two business days if you're in the United States or Canada. All other countries please send your email contact in the Contact Me form provided.

Until next time, get and stay healthy, energetic and ready for whatever life brings you.

All the best,

Jacklyn Anton, Operating Room Nurse

Visit My Website Now For Great Information About Surgery and Surgery Recovery!

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